Oct 2022

Oct 3 Every Achievement Has A Denominator (charity.wtf)

Oct 1 Prompt engineering is hard (christine.website)

Sep 2022

Sep 30 Microsoft: Two New 0-Day Flaws in Exchange Server (krebsonsecurity.com)

Sep 29 Fake CISO Profiles on LinkedIn Target Fortune 500s (krebsonsecurity.com)
Sep 29 age and Authenticated Encryption (blog.filippo.io)

Sep 28 On site in Hawai'i: How Terraformation is using AWS technology to reforest the world (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
Sep 28 Set up the customer portal without code (stripe.com)

Sep 27 Turning Every Rooftop into Content (logicmag.io)

Sep 26 The Rise of Fully Homomorphic Encryption (queue.acm.org)
Sep 26 Love the details (robertheaton.com)

Sep 23 Accused Russian RSOCKS Botmaster Arrested, Requests Extradition to U.S. (krebsonsecurity.com)
Sep 23 The Hierarchy Is Bullshit (And Bad For Business) (charity.wtf)

Sep 22 Questions I have been asked about photography (programmingisterrible.com)
Sep 22 Apartheid by Algorithm (logicmag.io)
Sep 22 Expanded global coverage with Connect (stripe.com)

Sep 21 SIM Swapper Abducted, Beaten, Held for $200k Ransom (krebsonsecurity.com)
Sep 21 International support for Cartes Bancaires (stripe.com)

Sep 20 Mapping the Privacy Landscape for Central Bank Digital Currencies (queue.acm.org)

Sep 19 From Zero to One Hundred (queue.acm.org)

Sep 18 My new, weird smartcard and how I learned to use it (christine.website)

Sep 17 Push notification two-factor auth considered harmful (christine.website)

Sep 16 Botched Crypto Mugging Lands Three U.K. Men in Jail (krebsonsecurity.com)
Sep 16 The Arrival of Zero Trust: What Does it Mean? (queue.acm.org)

Sep 15 Crash Consistency (queue.acm.org)

Sep 14 Say Hello to Crazy Thin ‘Deep Insert’ ATM Skimmers (krebsonsecurity.com)
Sep 14 The Four Horsemen of an Ailing Software Project (queue.acm.org)
Sep 14 Wormable Flaw, 0days Lead Sept. 2022 Patch Tuesday (krebsonsecurity.com)
Sep 14 Sleeping Through the Technical Interview (christine.website)

Sep 13 Porting Curveball to Bun (feeds.feedburner.com)
Sep 13 CSRB's Opus One (queue.acm.org)
Sep 13 How Stripe builds interactive docs with Markdoc (stripe.com)
Sep 13 I need help with AVIF files on iOS 16 Safari (christine.website)

Sep 12 Planning Go 1.20 Cryptography Work (blog.filippo.io)
Sep 12 Now Go Build -- Season 3 (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
Sep 12 Monitoring the Monitors (logicmag.io)
Sep 12 Why do domain names sometimes end with a dot? (jvns.ca)
Sep 12 Futurist prediction methods and accuracy (danluu.com)
Sep 12 I love him more and more every day on average (robertheaton.com)

Sep 9 Transacting in Person with Strangers from the Internet (krebsonsecurity.com)

Sep 6 One-on-ones with executives. (lethain.com)
Sep 6 Deep Learning and Human Disposability (logicmag.io)
Sep 6 How to send raw network packets in Python with tun/tap (jvns.ca)

Sep 5 Sorbet’s weird approach to exception handling (blog.jez.io)

Sep 4 Violence-as-a-Service: Brickings, Firebombings & Shootings for Hire (krebsonsecurity.com)
Sep 4 'Drawing your three maps' exercise (lethain.com)

Sep 1 Ubuntu bungled the Firefox Snap package transition (feeds.feedburner.com)

Aug 2022

Aug 31 Final Thoughts on Ubiquiti (krebsonsecurity.com)

Aug 30 Some ways to get better at debugging (jvns.ca)

Aug 29 Scaling globally with the new AWS Middle East (UAE) Region (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Aug 28 Bar raisers, hiring committees, and other complex ways to improve hiring quality. (lethain.com)

Aug 24 Control Flow in Sorbet is Syntactic (blog.jez.io)

Aug 23 Debugging Win32 binaries in Ghidra via Wine (john-millikin.com)

Aug 21 Birthing Predictions of Premature Death (logicmag.io)

Aug 15 Rituals for Engineering Teams (charity.wtf)
Aug 15 Live Your Best Life With Structured Events (charity.wtf)
Aug 15 Giving Good Feedback: Consider the Ratio (charity.wtf)

Aug 14 The Product Culture Shift (www.elidedbranches.com)

Aug 13 Maratonando o Uliverso (hisham.hm)
Aug 13 On syntactic sugar (feeds.feedburner.com)

Aug 5 Maslow’s 1BR (logicmag.io)

Aug 4 A Wide Reduction Trick (blog.filippo.io)
Aug 4 Streamline in-person payments with recent Stripe Terminal upgrades (stripe.com)

Jul 2022

Jul 29 Questionable Advice: Is there a path back from CTO to engineer? (charity.wtf)
Jul 29 KEMs and Post-Quantum age (blog.filippo.io)

Jul 28 A toy remote login server (jvns.ca)

Jul 26 Privacy of Personal Information (queue.acm.org)

Jul 25 Securing the Company Jewels (queue.acm.org)

Jul 24 I'm Probably Less Deterministic Than I Used to Be (queue.acm.org)

Jul 22 Monkeypox in Ohio (aphyr.com)

Jul 20 What happens when you press a key in your terminal? (jvns.ca)

Jul 19 Soft Deletion Probably Isn't Worth It (brandur.org)

Jul 18 The Challenges of IoT, TLS, and Random Number Generators in the Real World (queue.acm.org)
Jul 18 BLIK (stripe.com)

Jul 15 Covergence (queue.acm.org)

Jul 12 Finally got rid of a/ and b/ in git diff outputs! (hisham.hm)

Jul 10 Quarta-feira, 10 de julho de 2013 (hisham.hm)

Jul 9 Monitoring tiny web services (jvns.ca)
Jul 9 Running BeOS 5 in QEMU (i386) (john-millikin.com)

Jul 8 How to estimate disk space. (lethain.com)

Jul 6 Reading a Profit & Loss statement. (lethain.com)

Jul 5 Downturn career decisions. (lethain.com)

Jul 1 Mini book review: "Guattari/Kogawa", organized by Anderson Santos (hisham.hm)

Jun 2022

Jun 28 Notes on running containers with bubblewrap (jvns.ca)

Jun 27 Turns out gcc has imperative argument handling (hisham.hm)

Jun 24 Loopr: A Loop/Reduction Macro for Clojure (aphyr.com)

Jun 20 A new OAuth2 client for Javascript (feeds.feedburner.com)
Jun 20 STAR method for interview questions. (lethain.com)
Jun 20 Reimagining bank transfers (stripe.com)

Jun 15 Stripe, everywhere in the EU (stripe.com)

Jun 14 Computing in Crip Time (logicmag.io)
Jun 14 Black Boxes (logicmag.io)
Jun 14 A chapter ended… (www.jayshirley.com)
Jun 14 Soon he’ll be three and soon he’ll be twenty-one (robertheaton.com)

Jun 13 Advice for Engineering Managers Who Want to Climb the Ladder (charity.wtf)
Jun 13 Handing off Maintenance of Partisan (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Jun 9 In defense of crypto(currency) (blog.cryptographyengineering.com)
Jun 9 10x (engineer, context) pairs (www.benkuhn.net)

Jun 6 Parse Error Recovery in Sorbet: Part 4 (blog.jez.io)

Jun 5 Career checkup template. (lethain.com)
Jun 5 With types, seeing is believing (blog.jez.io)

Jun 2 Extending Filibuster to Test Redis (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Jun 1 Gmail accepts forged YouTube emails (john-millikin.com)

May 2022

May 31 Affirm (stripe.com)

May 30 Is tree-sitter good enough? (blog.jez.io)

May 27 Compacting Lunr search indices (john-millikin.com)

May 24 Not My Job (blog.dbsmasher.com)
May 24 Sessions 2022 and product highlights from the year (stripe.com)

May 23 FreeBSD on the Graviton 3 (www.daemonology.net)

May 21 Plagarism, idea theft, and writing online. (lethain.com)

May 20 Tether Required Recapitalization In May 2022 (www.kalzumeus.com)

May 18 Mailbag: Did I become a manager too soon? (lethain.com)

May 17 JSON is not a YAML subset (john-millikin.com)

May 16 What would a type-aware Rubocop look like? (blog.jez.io)
May 16 Omnivorous Analysis (logicmag.io)

May 12 sqlite-utils: a nice way to import data into SQLite for analysis (jvns.ca)

May 11 Moving the finish line. (lethain.com)

May 10 The Barn (logicmag.io)
May 10 Agile and the Long Crisis of Software (logicmag.io)
May 10 Pages that didn't make it into "How DNS Works" (jvns.ca)

May 5 Your migration probably isn’t failing due to insufficient staffing. (lethain.com)

May 2 Brendan@Intel.com (www.brendangregg.com)

Apr 2022

Apr 28 Founding Uber SRE. (lethain.com)

Apr 26 New zine: How DNS Works! (jvns.ca)

Apr 25 Platforms change but cool URIs don't. (lethain.com)
Apr 25 Why Success Is Often Elusive at the Highest Echelons (medium.com)
Apr 25 Joining Arcol (jamesbvaughan.com)

Apr 23 Interim assignments. (lethain.com)

Apr 22 Stuff I haven't written yet, but hopefully will someday (2022). (lethain.com)

Apr 20 I'm a security engineer and I still almost got scammed (robertheaton.com)

Apr 16 Stripe's model of product-led, developer-centric growth. (lethain.com)

Apr 15 Netflix End of Series 1 (www.brendangregg.com)

Apr 13 Mailbag: Resources for Engineering Directors. (lethain.com)

Apr 12 A list of new(ish) command line tools (jvns.ca)

Apr 9 TensorFlow Library Performance (www.brendangregg.com)

Apr 7 Generating a daily snapshot of Twitter Search results. (lethain.com)

Apr 6 In defense of simple architectures (danluu.com)

Apr 3 Should you prioritize infrastructure costs? (lethain.com)

Apr 1 Transformers for software engineers (blog.nelhage.com)

Mar 2022

Mar 29 FreeBSD/EC2: What I've been up to (www.daemonology.net)

Mar 27 Investing in venture capital (yolken.net)

Mar 24 Twin Anxieties of the Engineer/Manager Pendulum (charity.wtf)

Mar 23 Implementing a toy version of TLS 1.3 (jvns.ca)

Mar 20 Searching for outliers (www.benkuhn.net)

Mar 19 Understanding why Resilience Faults in Microservice Applications Occur (christophermeiklejohn.com)
Mar 19 Why Don't You Use ... (www.brendangregg.com)

Mar 18 Reasons why abolishing DST in the US will be worse for users and developers (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 17 T::Enum Pros & Cons (blog.jez.io)
Mar 17 How to pay professional maintainers (blog.filippo.io)
Mar 17 What is Chaos Engineering? (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Mar 16 Curious about automated reasoning (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Mar 15 We're responsible for the Christmas magic now (robertheaton.com)

Mar 14 Why is it so hard to buy things that work well? (danluu.com)

Mar 13 Celebrate tiny learning milestones (jvns.ca)

Mar 10 How to use undocumented web APIs (jvns.ca)

Mar 8 Some tiny personal programs I've written (jvns.ca)

Mar 4 Log4j, Faker and Black Swan Events (feeds.feedburner.com)
Mar 4 The 2030 Self-Driving Car Bet (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 2022

Feb 28 Parse Error Recovery in Sorbet: Part 3 (blog.jez.io)

Feb 23 Some things about getaddrinfo that surprised me (jvns.ca)
Feb 23 A Cursed Bug (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 22 Curious about quantum computing (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
Feb 22 Parse Error Recovery in Sorbet: Part 2 (blog.jez.io)

Feb 21 Parse Error Recovery in Sorbet: Part 1 (blog.jez.io)
Feb 21 Misidentifying talent (danluu.com)

Feb 20 Things that used to be hard and are now easy (jvns.ca)

Feb 15 Off-The-Record Messaging part 2: deniability and forward secrecy (robertheaton.com)
Feb 15 Off-The-Record Messaging part 4: key insights (robertheaton.com)
Feb 15 Off-The-Record Messaging part 3: how OTR works (robertheaton.com)
Feb 15 Off-The-Record Messaging part 1: the problem with PGP (robertheaton.com)

Feb 14 The multiple meanings of "nameserver" and "DNS resolver" (jvns.ca)

Feb 7 When and how to say no at work (amy.dev)

Feb 2 Leading through writing in software engineering (amy.dev)
Feb 2 A decade of major cache incidents at Twitter (danluu.com)
Feb 2 Cocktail party ideas (danluu.com)

Feb 1 A toy DNS resolver (jvns.ca)

Jan 2022

Jan 29 Request bodies in GET requests (feeds.feedburner.com)
Jan 29 Reasons for servers to support IPv6 (jvns.ca)
Jan 29 How can you tell if the company you’re interviewing with is rotten on the inside? (charity.wtf)

Jan 20 How “Engineering-Driven” Leads to “Engineering-Supremacy” (charity.wtf)

Jan 15 Structural Lessons in Engineering Management (www.elidedbranches.com)

Jan 14 An extremely casual code review of MetaMask’s crypto (blog.cryptographyengineering.com)

Jan 6 Hello 2022! (feeds.feedburner.com)

Jan 5 know how your org works (or how to become a more effective engineer) (medium.com)

Jan 3 2021 Year(s) in Review (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)
Jan 3 Book Review: The Future of Fusion Energy (feeds.feedburner.com)

Dec 2021

Dec 31 Updating The Single Most Influential Book of the BASIC Era (feeds.feedburner.com)
Dec 31 Best of 2021 in Tech [Talks] (medium.com)

Dec 30 Tech employee retention is a serious issue (yolken.net)

Dec 18 The container throttling problem (danluu.com)

Dec 13 Expanding the cloud: Introducing the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) Region (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
Dec 13 Some thoughts on writing (danluu.com)

Dec 11 Professional maintainers: a wake-up call (blog.filippo.io)

Dec 7 I wouldn't call my friends strong male role models but they'll have to do (robertheaton.com)

Dec 6 Some latency measurement pitfalls (danluu.com)

Dec 2 Tech Predictions for 2022 and Beyond (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Nov 2021

Nov 28 Announcing the AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator: It's still Day One for robotics (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Nov 22 Major errors on this blog (and their corrections) (danluu.com)

Nov 16 Amazon MemoryDB for Redis -- Where speed meets consistency (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Nov 15 Awards Eligibility Post 2021 (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)
Nov 15 Individuals matter (danluu.com)

Nov 11 Our investment in Canada -- a new Region coming soon! (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Nov 9 How to make pathfinder soup (increment.com)
Nov 9 Road to somewhere (increment.com)
Nov 9 Software development as a wicked problem (increment.com)
Nov 9 Planning for change with RFCs (increment.com)
Nov 9 The great tightrope act (increment.com)
Nov 9 A primer on product management for engineers (increment.com)
Nov 9 An IC’s guide to roadmap planning (increment.com)
Nov 9 Planning for momentum (increment.com)
Nov 9 Planning with flare (increment.com)
Nov 9 Planning in the dark (increment.com)
Nov 9 The best-laid plans (increment.com)
Nov 9 What planning is like at… (increment.com)
Nov 9 Reframing tech debt (increment.com)
Nov 9 On planning in public (increment.com)
Nov 9 Planning for privacy (increment.com)
Nov 9 Just hire great people? (increment.com)
Nov 9 Planning for pause (increment.com)
Nov 9 Letter from the editor (increment.com)
Nov 9 Tools for people (increment.com)
Nov 9 Open-source excursions: The poetry of planning (increment.com)

Nov 8 Culture matters (danluu.com)

Oct 2021

Oct 21 Willingness to look stupid (danluu.com)

Oct 18 What to learn (danluu.com)

Oct 15 Some reasons to work on productivity and velocity (danluu.com)

Oct 14 Dynamic Reduction: Optimizing Service-level Fault Injection Testing With Service Encapsulation (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Oct 9 How New Managers Fail Individual Contributors (www.elidedbranches.com)

Oct 8 Finding Resilience Issues with Filibuster: A Tutorial (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Oct 6 What is Service-level Fault Injection Testing? (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Oct 4 Best of 2020 in Tech [Talks] (medium.com)

Oct 3 My NYC Bike-cation (yolken.net)

Oct 2 Researching Microservice Resilience: Lack of Corpora (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Sep 2021

Sep 29 The value of in-house expertise (danluu.com)

Sep 26 The Speed of Time (www.brendangregg.com)

Sep 18 A History of Leather at Pride: 1965-1995 (aphyr.com)

Sep 15 Automatic Cipher Suite Ordering in crypto/tls (blog.filippo.io)

Sep 11 What I've been doing instead of writing (www.benkuhn.net)

Sep 10 Postgres: Boundless `text` and Back Again (brandur.org)

Sep 8 How We Went All In on sqlc/pgx for Postgres + Go (brandur.org)

Sep 7 Jira makes me want to cry (yolken.net)

Sep 6 ZFS Is Mysteriously Eating My CPU (www.brendangregg.com)

Sep 1 Several podcast interviews (feeds.feedburner.com)

Aug 2021

Aug 31 FreeBSD/EC2 AMI Systems Manager Public Parameters (www.daemonology.net)

Aug 30 Analyzing a High Rate of Paging (www.brendangregg.com)

Aug 27 App Store Payments Will Have Increased Competition (www.kalzumeus.com)
Aug 27 Some reasons to measure (danluu.com)
Aug 27 Slack's Secret STDERR Messages (www.brendangregg.com)

Aug 12 EC2 boot time benchmarking (www.daemonology.net)

Aug 11 Remediating AWS IMDSv1 (latacora.micro.blog)

Aug 8 Most core values are meaningless (yolken.net)

Aug 1 Thinking about “traceability” (blog.cryptographyengineering.com)

Jul 2021

Jul 20 A case against security nihilism (blog.cryptographyengineering.com)

Jul 5 USENIX LISA2021 Computing Performance: On the Horizon (www.brendangregg.com)

Jul 3 How To Add eBPF Observability To Your Product (www.brendangregg.com)

Jun 2021

Jun 16 My EC2 wishlist (www.daemonology.net)

Jun 15 USENIX LISA2021 BPF Internals (eBPF) (www.brendangregg.com)

Jun 12 An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding (www.elidedbranches.com)

Jun 4 An Unbelievable Demo (www.brendangregg.com)

May 2021

May 31 Distributed cloud builds for everyone (blog.nelhage.com)
May 31 Non-optimal tech offices (yolken.net)

May 29 15 years of blogging (feeds.feedburner.com)
May 29 Management Basics: Determining a Performance Rating (www.elidedbranches.com)
May 29 Moving my US tech job to Australia (www.brendangregg.com)

May 23 What is Observability (www.brendangregg.com)

May 21 Building LLVM in 90 seconds using Amazon Lambda (blog.nelhage.com)

May 10 JWT should not be your default for sessions (feeds.feedburner.com)

May 9 Poor Disk Performance (www.brendangregg.com)

May 3 Twitter Spaces, a few weeks in (dtrace.org)

Apr 2021

Apr 24 Solving The Vaccine Data Problem (www.kalzumeus.com)

Apr 18 Migrating to Kubernetes, part 2: Why it’s hard (yolken.net)

Apr 17 Migrating to Kubernetes, part 1: Moving on from the legacy service platform (yolken.net)

Apr 14 It's time to say goodbye to the GPL (feeds.feedburner.com)

Apr 12 Ketting 7 released (feeds.feedburner.com)

Apr 11 The senior engineer plateau (yolken.net)

Mar 2021

Mar 30 Some opinionated thoughts on SQL databases (blog.nelhage.com)

Mar 28 Site Redesign (aphyr.com)

Mar 25 Maintenance Downtime (aphyr.com)
Mar 25 Why the FBI can’t get your browsing history from Apple iCloud (and other scary stories) (blog.cryptographyengineering.com)

Mar 9 Food: A Bittersweet Affair (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Mar 5 Compensation as a reflection of values (dtrace.org)

Mar 4 107 Lightbulbs (www.daemonology.net)

Feb 2021

Feb 23 Building the future of computing, with your help (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 20 Stateless Kubernetes overlay networks with IPv6 (john-millikin.com)

Feb 16 Minimally Invasive (and More Accurate) Analytics: GoAccess and Athena/SQL (brandur.org)

Feb 15 Non-optimal engineer personas (yolken.net)

Feb 8 The ants and the pheromones (blog.acolyer.org)

Feb 1 Ketting support for deprecation warnings (feeds.feedburner.com)

Jan 2021

Jan 24 Make Boring Plans (www.elidedbranches.com)

Jan 22 DUM-E and U (blog.jessfraz.com)

Jan 14 Erlang's Process Identifiers and My Weekend Bug Hunting (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Jan 13 Decentralised content moderation (feeds.feedburner.com)

Jan 9 The Most Backdoor-Looking Bug I’ve Ever Seen (blog.filippo.io)

Jan 2 URL shorteners set ad tracking cookies (ylukem.com)

Jan 1 Seamless file descriptor transfer between processes with pidfd and pidfd_getfd (medium.com)

Dec 2020

Dec 31 Putting the Casio F-91W band on an Apple Watch (jamesbvaughan.com)

Dec 30 Extending VSCode with WebAssembly (john-millikin.com)

Dec 29 Against essential and accidental complexity (danluu.com)

Dec 25 Songs, links, and books I've enjoyed in 2020 (ylukem.com)

Dec 23 My favorite essays of life advice (www.benkuhn.net)

Dec 17 Re-Deriving the edwards25519 Decoding Formulas (blog.filippo.io)

Dec 14 An overview of end-to-end entity resolution for big data (blog.acolyer.org)

Dec 12 Notes on cross-compiling Rust (john-millikin.com)
Dec 12 To listen well, get curious (www.benkuhn.net)

Dec 8 Bias in word embeddings (blog.acolyer.org)

Dec 5 In defense of blub studies (www.benkuhn.net)

Dec 2 Using Bloom filters to efficiently synchronise hash graphs (feeds.feedburner.com)

Dec 1 Feature Casualties of Large Databases (brandur.org)

Nov 2020

Nov 30 Seeing is believing: a client-centric specification of database isolation (blog.acolyer.org)

Nov 23 Elle: inferring isolation anomalies from experimental observations (blog.acolyer.org)

Nov 22 Driving Cultural Change Through Software Choices (www.elidedbranches.com)

Nov 18 New courses on distributed systems and elliptic curve cryptography (feeds.feedburner.com)

Nov 16 Ok Google: please publish your DKIM secret keys (blog.cryptographyengineering.com)
Nov 16 Achieving 100Gbps intrusion prevention on a single server (blog.acolyer.org)

Nov 12 HTTP/2 Push is dead (feeds.feedburner.com)

Nov 9 Virtual consensus in Delos (blog.acolyer.org)

Nov 4 BPF binaries: BTF, CO-RE, and the future of BPF perf tools (www.brendangregg.com)

Nov 2 Helios: hyperscale indexing for the cloud & edge (part II) (blog.acolyer.org)

Oct 2020

Oct 26 Helios: hyperscale indexing for the cloud & edge – part 1 (blog.acolyer.org)

Oct 21 Books that shaped my leadership and management (www.jayshirley.com)

Oct 19 The case for a learned sorting algorithm (blog.acolyer.org)
Oct 19 How to befriend Crows (programmingisterrible.com)

Oct 15 Waypoint (medium.com)
Oct 15 How to keep up with newsletters (ylukem.com)

Oct 14 Unifying the Technical Interview (aphyr.com)

Oct 11 Rust after the honeymoon (dtrace.org)

Oct 8 What Working At Stripe Has Been Like (www.kalzumeus.com)

Oct 7 Reconstruct Instead of Validating (blog.filippo.io)

Oct 4 Protests and Power (idlewords.com)

Oct 1 Ringbahn III: A deeper dive into drivers (without.boats)

Sep 2020

Sep 30 Revisiting a 'smaller Rust' (without.boats)

Sep 29 Battery Day (blog.jessfraz.com)
Sep 29 Writing a book: is it worth it? (feeds.feedburner.com)

Sep 27 How to make video calls almost as good as face-to-face (www.benkuhn.net)

Sep 22 The Management Flywheel (www.elidedbranches.com)
Sep 22 iou version 0.3 released (without.boats)

Sep 20 On the use of a life (www.daemonology.net)

Sep 15 Rewriting the Technical Interview (aphyr.com)

Sep 9 Ketting v6: Using Hypermedia APIs with React (feeds.feedburner.com)

Sep 8 The Automated CIO (blog.jessfraz.com)

Sep 7 NaCl Is Not a High-Level API (blog.filippo.io)

Sep 5 All 49 songs from A.G. Cook’s 7G, ranked (ylukem.com)

Sep 3 Effective Political Giving (idlewords.com)

Aug 2020

Aug 27 Clojure from the ground up: polymorphism (aphyr.com)

Aug 21 Registries Considered Harmful (blog.filippo.io)

Aug 17 Bash Redirection Fun With Descriptors (medium.com)

Aug 12 Attack of the week: Voice calls in LTE (blog.cryptographyengineering.com)

Aug 9 Tracks: August 2020 (ylukem.com)

Aug 8 Sara Huddleston on the Latino Vote in Iowa (idlewords.com)

Aug 6 First impressions of Rust (john-millikin.com)
Aug 6 Video: Building a Promise from scratch! (feeds.feedburner.com)
Aug 6 Propane: an experimental generator syntax for Rust (without.boats)

Aug 5 File Descriptor Transfer over Unix Domain Sockets (medium.com)

Aug 4 Tools for keeping focused (www.benkuhn.net)

Aug 2 Tactical Challenges In Hiring Junior Engineers (medium.com)

Jul 2020

Jul 29 Attention is your scarcest resource (www.benkuhn.net)

Jul 24 Establish proof of existence, then do it again (www.jayshirley.com)

Jul 23 Balance and mental health (amy.dev)
Jul 23 Be impatient (www.benkuhn.net)

Jul 22 Using Apple Mail with Gmail leaks your IP address (ylukem.com)

Jul 19 Problem diagnoses (ylukem.com)

Jul 18 Replace PGP With an HTTPS Form (blog.filippo.io)

Jul 16 Shipping Const Generics in 2020 (without.boats)

Jul 15 Towards solving Ultimate Tic Tac Toe (blog.nelhage.com)
Jul 15 Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud, 2nd Edition (www.brendangregg.com)

Jul 14 Write More (medium.com)

Jul 10 Why is Signal asking users to set a PIN, or “A few thoughts on Secure Value Recovery” (blog.cryptographyengineering.com)

Jul 5 Electrolytes (ylukem.com)

Jul 3 DSA Is Past Its Prime (blog.filippo.io)

Jul 2 Ringbahn II: the central state machine (without.boats)

Jul 1 Management by walking around, Remotely. (www.jayshirley.com)

Jun 2020

Jun 30 How do cars fare in crash tests they're not specifically optimized for? (danluu.com)

Jun 24 Alyse Galvin on Coronavirus in Alaska (idlewords.com)

Jun 20 A Satisfactory Way of Building (aphyr.com)

Jun 19 Apple gave me the “Hey” treatment in 2014 (ylukem.com)

Jun 15 I tweet every time I spend money (ylukem.com)

Jun 13 A Tale of Two 3D Printers (and all additive manufacturing processes) (blog.jessfraz.com)

Jun 10 Publishing my bookmarks (ylukem.com)
Jun 10 Two Memory Bugs From Ringbahn (without.boats)

Jun 8 Futures and Segmented Stacks (without.boats)

Jun 7 Learning more about lacto-fermentation (ylukem.com)

Jun 3 The singular urgency of Ava DuVernay’s 13th (dtrace.org)

Jun 2 Finding the Story (danluu.com)

May 2020

May 31 A simple way to get more value from tracing (danluu.com)
May 31 Some new FreeBSD/EC2 features: EFS automount and ebsnvme-id (www.daemonology.net)

May 30 A simple way to get more value from metrics (danluu.com)

May 28 ECMAScript 4: The missing version (feeds.feedburner.com)

May 27 Ringbahn: a safe, ergonomic API for io-uring in Rust (without.boats)

May 26 Is X25519 Associative? Sometimes! (blog.filippo.io)

May 25 Size Matters (blog.jessfraz.com)

May 22 My new FreeBSD Laptop: Dell Latitude 7390 (www.daemonology.net)

May 14 Life during the coronavirus pandemic (www.bostonglobe.com)

May 9 Product for Internal Platforms (www.elidedbranches.com)

May 6 Notes on io-uring (without.boats)

May 5 A funeral home copes with the surge during the coronavirus pandemic (www.bostonglobe.com)

May 4 Boston Globe staff photographer Erin Clark named Feature Photography Pulitzer finalist for 2020 (www.bostonglobe.com)

May 3 Where is the high bandwidth internet for the masses? (blog.jessfraz.com)

Apr 2020

Apr 21 An update on a pre-registered result about the coronavirus (www.kalzumeus.com)
Apr 21 Dropping hashes: an idiom used to demonstrate provenance of documents (www.kalzumeus.com)
Apr 21 J.D. Scholten on Coronavirus in Iowa (idlewords.com)

Apr 19 Building a PC, Part IX: Downsizing (feeds.feedburner.com)

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Apr 15 A generic middleware pattern in Typescript (feeds.feedburner.com)

Apr 13 The problem of effects in Rust (without.boats)

Apr 11 Photos: One day on the front lines of COVID-19 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Apr 8 High Performance MySQL (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Apr 7 Hire Alice Goldfuss (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)
Apr 7 A brief apology of Ok-Wrapping (without.boats)

Apr 6 From failure to Fehler (without.boats)

Apr 5 Let's All Wear A Mask (idlewords.com)

Apr 4 Globe staff photos of the month, March 2020 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Apr 3 Does Zoom use end-to-end encryption? (blog.cryptographyengineering.com)

Apr 1 What constitutes a vulnerability? (without.boats)

Mar 2020

Mar 26 The Working Group's White paper on Japan and covid-19 (www.kalzumeus.com)

Mar 23 We Need A Massive Surveillance Program (idlewords.com)

Mar 19 Common no-cors misconceptions (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 17 Curveball - March updates (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 14 Stay Home (aphyr.com)

Mar 12 The SOC2 Starting Seven (latacora.micro.blog)
Mar 12 Write testable code by writing generic code (blog.nelhage.com)
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Mar 11 Work in the Time of Corona (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)
Mar 11 How (some) good corporate engineering blogs are written (danluu.com)

Mar 8 The Life of a Data Byte (blog.jessfraz.com)
Mar 8 LISA2019 Linux Systems Performance (www.brendangregg.com)

Mar 7 Polar plungers: Photos of Ice Swimming in New England (www.bostonglobe.com)

Mar 6 EARN IT is a direct attack on end-to-end encryption (blog.cryptographyengineering.com)

Mar 4 Globe staff photos of the month, February 2020 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Mar 3 The growth of command line options, 1979-Present (danluu.com)

Mar 1 Test suites as classifiers (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 2020

Feb 27 Curveball - A typescript microframework (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 26 Power to the People (blog.jessfraz.com)

Feb 22 Systems that defy detailed understanding (blog.nelhage.com)
Feb 22 Commentary on “Stop Using Encrypted Email” (john-millikin.com)

Feb 21 Typescript is changing how I write code (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 19 Stop Using Encrypted Email (latacora.micro.blog)

Feb 18 Implementing an opaque type in typescript (feeds.feedburner.com)
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Feb 16 Computers can be understood (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 11 Use a:visited in your CSS stylesheet (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 7 95%-ile isn't that good (danluu.com)

Feb 5 By any other CNAME (john-millikin.com)

Feb 3 Reflections on software performance (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 1 Globe staff photos of the month, January 2020 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jan 2020

Jan 31 A brief Brexit lament (feeds.feedburner.com)

Jan 27 Locking down the Instance Metadata Service: Announcing imds-filterd (www.daemonology.net)

Jan 24 Why the Sorbet typechecker is fast (blog.nelhage.com)

Jan 19 Testing and feedback loops (blog.nelhage.com)

Jan 17 Network booted, home initialized (blog.jessfraz.com)

Jan 15 Newsletter (ylukem.com)

Jan 13 Record/Replay testing in Sorbet (blog.nelhage.com)

Jan 11 Japan 2020 trip notes (amy.dev)

Jan 5 Algorithms interviews: theory vs. practice (danluu.com)

Jan 3 2019 Year in Review (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

Jan 2 Globe staff photos of the month, December 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jan 1 Fast and maintainable patterns for fetching from a database (sophiebits.com)

Dec 2019

Dec 25 Instagram advertisements (ylukem.com)
Dec 25 RFC-365 (write.as)

Dec 24 RFC-364 (write.as)
Dec 24 RFC-363 (write.as)
Dec 24 RFC-362 (write.as)
Dec 24 RFC-361 (write.as)
Dec 24 Two kinds of testing (blog.nelhage.com)
Dec 24 RFC-360 (write.as)
Dec 24 RFC-359 (write.as)
Dec 24 RFC-358 (write.as)
Dec 24 RFC-357 (write.as)
Dec 24 RFC-356 (write.as)

Dec 22 BPF Theremin, Tetris, and Typewriters (www.brendangregg.com)

Dec 6 Globe staff photos of the month, November 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Dec 4 The Siege of Carrie Lam (idlewords.com)

Dec 2 The soul of a new computer company (dtrace.org)
Dec 2 Born in a Garage (blog.jessfraz.com)
Dec 2 BPF: A New Type of Software (www.brendangregg.com)

Nov 2019

Nov 17 Yuzu marmalade (ylukem.com)

Nov 14 Global Executors (without.boats)

Nov 13 Globe staff photos of the month, October 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Nov 12 The architecture of declarative configuration management (blog.nelhage.com)

Nov 11 How I Keep Up With Concerts (jamesbvaughan.com)

Nov 10 Scaling in the presence of errors—don’t ignore them (programmingisterrible.com)

Nov 8 iou: Rust bindings for liburing (without.boats)

Oct 2019

Oct 30 Research update for 2019 (feeds.feedburner.com)

Oct 28 Tether: The Story So Far (www.kalzumeus.com)

Oct 24 React Conf: “Building a Custom React Renderer” (sophiebits.com)

Oct 16 Asynchronous Destructors (without.boats)

Oct 2 Globe staff photos of the month, September 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Sep 2019

Sep 29 “Working with me” / README template for individual contributors (amy.dev)

Sep 12 The Rise of the Electric Scooter (feeds.feedburner.com)

Sep 10 Tales from Firmware Camp (blog.jessfraz.com)

Sep 9 Globe staff photos of the month, August 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Sep 8 Started sharing screenshots at luke.cat (ylukem.com)

Sep 5 A Go/C Polyglot (blog.nelhage.com)

Aug 2019

Aug 30 A Week With No Tear Gas (idlewords.com)

Aug 29 august29 (ylukem.com)

Aug 28 Accidentally Quadratic Constant Folding (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

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Aug 14 Transactional Memory and Tech Hype Waves (blog.jessfraz.com)

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Aug 7 Doubling the Sorting Speed of Postgres Network Types with Abbreviated Keys (brandur.org)

Aug 6 Globe staff photos of the month, July 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jul 2019

Jul 31 Ex-Joyeur (dtrace.org)

Jul 30 Photos of the country’s only traveling youth circus (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jul 24 How (not) to sign a JSON object (latacora.micro.blog)

Jul 23 The Business Executive's Guide to Kubernetes (blog.jessfraz.com)

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Jul 10 Linux Observability with BPF (blog.jessfraz.com)

Jul 2 Globe staff photos of the month, June 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jun 2019

Jun 27 Recent photos of the ongoing migrant struggle (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jun 25 How Discount Brokerages Make Money (www.kalzumeus.com)

Jun 20 Recreating the OFFF by Night opening shot in Houdini (seenaburns.com)

Jun 4 Sequences: A Modest, Contra-garden Travel Project (brandur.org)

Jun 3 Globe staff photos of the month, May 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

May 2019

May 30 An Exercise Program for the Fat Web (feeds.feedburner.com)

May 28 Building a Robust Live Reloader with WebSockets and Go (brandur.org)
May 28 Automating My Todo with GitHub and Twilio (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)
May 28 Update on await syntax (without.boats)

May 24 Some of the best sports photos in Boston history (www.bostonglobe.com)

May 16 Zero Cost Abstractions (without.boats)

May 15 Corollary to the Hard Thing about Hard Things (blog.jessfraz.com)

May 12 OPP (Other People's Problems) (www.elidedbranches.com)

May 9 may9 (ylukem.com)

May 8 Why open source firmware is important for security (blog.jessfraz.com)

May 7 Reader/Reader blocking in reader/writer locks (blog.nelhage.com)

May 6 A final proposal for await syntax (without.boats)

May 5 Video Game Probability #1: How to Grow 5 Golden Crops in Stardew Valley (amy.dev)
May 5 Video Game Probability: Introduction (amy.dev)

May 2 Globe staff photos of the month, April 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Apr 2019

Apr 23 Challenge Accepted: Transposit (blog.jessfraz.com)

Apr 22 Spring blossoms (www.bostonglobe.com)

Apr 20 Software I like (2019) (ylukem.com)

Apr 17 Wrote some ARM (seenaburns.com)

Apr 15 2019 Boston Marathon (www.bostonglobe.com)
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Apr 7 Airplane packing list (amy.dev)

Apr 2 Globe staff photos of the month, March 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Mar 2019

Mar 26 mar2619 (ylukem.com)

Mar 25 Thoughts on Conway's Law and the software stack (blog.jessfraz.com)

Mar 24 Digging into RISC-V and how I learn new things (blog.jessfraz.com)

Mar 21 Defining a Distinguished Engineer (blog.jessfraz.com)

Mar 18 What Working At Stripe Has Been Like (www.kalzumeus.com)

Mar 17 An Enigma, unikernels booting on RISC-V, a rack encased in liquid. OH MY. (blog.jessfraz.com)

Mar 15 Students stage global protest to speak out on climate change inaction (www.bostonglobe.com)

Mar 7 Function Dispatch Tables in C (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

Mar 2 Globe staff photos of the month, February 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)
Mar 2 I moved to amy.dev (amy.dev)
Mar 2 52cbc87c-2f2b-485c-89de-469f26f11e32 (ylukem.com)
Mar 2 Trust and Integrity (blog.jessfraz.com)

Feb 2019

Feb 28 Government. Medicine. Capitalism? (blog.jessfraz.com)

Feb 25 Books I Recommend (blog.jessfraz.com)

Feb 23 From the File Vault: Pharmy Tales (blog.jessfraz.com)

Feb 19 Reflections on SGX (blog.jessfraz.com)
Feb 19 Randomized trial on gender in Overwatch (danluu.com)

Feb 18 Generators II: The Question Mark Problem (without.boats)

Feb 17 LD_PRELOAD: The Hero We Need and Deserve (blog.jessfraz.com)
Feb 17 The Cloud Is Just Someone Else's Computer (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 13 Smartphone society (www.bostonglobe.com)
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Feb 12 Secret Design Docs: Multi-Tenant Orchestrator (blog.jessfraz.com)

Feb 11 Reflecting on The Soul of a New Machine (dtrace.org)
Feb 11 Generators I: Toward a minimum viable product (without.boats)

Feb 6 What would it take to start my own company the way I want to? (amy.dev)
Feb 6 Highlights from the Patriots Super Bowl parade (www.bostonglobe.com)

Feb 4 SortSupport: Sorting in Postgres at Speed (brandur.org)
Feb 4 Super Bowl LIII: Patriots vs. Rams (www.bostonglobe.com)

Feb 3 A month in the office (www.jayshirley.com)

Feb 2 Globe staff photos of the month, January 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jan 2019

Jan 29 100 years ago, Boston’s North End was hit by a deadly wave of molasses (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jan 28 On Being A Principal Engineer (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Jan 21 For the Love of Pipes (blog.jessfraz.com)

Jan 13 The Life of a GitHub Action (blog.jessfraz.com)

Jan 11 The Waker API II: waking across threads (without.boats)

Jan 8 What the hell is REST, Anyway? (programmingisterrible.com)

Jan 7 The Waker API I: what does a waker do? (without.boats)

Jan 5 The best Boston Globe staff photos of 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jan 4 Globe staff photos of the month, December 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jan 2 A double diagnosis — cancer while poor (www.bostonglobe.com)
Jan 2 Needlepoint (aphyr.com)
Jan 2 Thumbnailing in Isolate: Background workers in Electron (seenaburns.com)

Dec 2018

Dec 29 Oh, what a year it’s been (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Dec 27 2018 Year in Review (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

Dec 26 The year 2018 in pictures: Part II (www.bostonglobe.com)
Dec 26 The year 2018 in pictures: Part I (www.bostonglobe.com)

Dec 25 Why review code? (sophiebits.com)

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Dec 15 Open source confronts its midlife crisis (dtrace.org)

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Dec 4 Metrics by proxy (sophiebits.com)

Dec 3 Voice (sophiebits.com)
Dec 3 Yak shaving and fixing (sophiebits.com)

Nov 2018

Nov 30 Keeping tradition of the hunt alive (www.bostonglobe.com)

Nov 26 Chaos at the US border in Mexico (www.bostonglobe.com)

Nov 23 I hate manager READMEs (www.elidedbranches.com)

Nov 20 The Emperor's Old Clothes (www.jayshirley.com)

Nov 17 When is someone ready to manage managers? (www.elidedbranches.com)

Nov 16 The deadly Camp Fire in California (www.bostonglobe.com)

Nov 11 100th anniversary of the end of WWI (www.bostonglobe.com)

Nov 8 Making progress in await syntax (without.boats)

Nov 5 You might not need Kubernetes (blog.jessfraz.com)

Nov 4 Globe staff photos of the month, October 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Nov 2 Anchored and Uniform Paths (without.boats)

Nov 1 SRE School: No Haunted Forests (john-millikin.com)

Oct 2018

Oct 31 Red Sox 2018 World Series victory parade (www.bostonglobe.com)
Oct 31 Shifgrethor IV: Tracing (without.boats)

Oct 29 React Conf: “React Today and Tomorrow” (sophiebits.com)
Oct 29 Red Sox win the 2018 World Series (www.bostonglobe.com)
Oct 29 World Series: Game 4, Red Sox vs. Dodgers (www.bostonglobe.com)

Oct 27 World Series: Game 3, Red Sox vs. Dodgers (www.bostonglobe.com)

Oct 25 World Series: Game 2, Red Sox vs. Dodgers (www.bostonglobe.com)
Oct 25 World Series: Game 1, Red Sox vs. Dodgers (www.bostonglobe.com)

Oct 24 4 Steps to Finding the Right Deep Learning Model (medium.com)
Oct 24 Shifgrethor III: Rooting (without.boats)

Oct 22 What does Stack Overflow want to be when it grows up? (feeds.feedburner.com)
Oct 22 Shifgrethor II: Notes on tracing garbage collectors (without.boats)

Oct 20 Lessons on exec from 4:40pm on a friday (seenaburns.com)

Oct 19 Why we host conference talk dry runs (sophiebits.com)

Oct 16 The hard parts of talking about open source (without.boats)
Oct 16 Shifgrethor I: Garbage collection as a Rust library (without.boats)

Oct 15 How to Manage Connections Efficiently in Postgres, or Any Database (brandur.org)

Oct 11 Spend less time estimating, more time shipping. (www.jayshirley.com)

Oct 9 New crate: pin-cell (without.boats)

Oct 5 Assessing software engineering candidates (dtrace.org)

Oct 3 Globe staff photos of the month, September 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Oct 2 Scenes from the aftermath of Indonesia’s earthquake, tsunami (www.bostonglobe.com)

Sep 2018

Sep 30 Analyzing a simple encryption scheme using GitHub SSH keys (latacora.micro.blog)

Sep 26 On making connections (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Sep 25 The world, the stage, the way ahead (www.bostonglobe.com)

Sep 22 Engineering Productivity (www.elidedbranches.com)

Sep 21 There is no longer any such thing as Computer Security (feeds.feedburner.com)

Sep 18 From Scratch: AI Balancing Act in 50 Lines of Python (medium.com)

Sep 10 Thinking about names, as well as scuba diving (without.boats)

Aug 2018

Aug 31 Thoughts on the new State of Devops report (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Aug 28 A Missing Link in Postgres 11: Fast Column Creation with Defaults (brandur.org)

Aug 22 Movie Director Genders (jamesbvaughan.com)
Aug 22 Another look at the pinning API (without.boats)

Aug 13 How to Turn 2048 into a 2 Player Game with Socket.io on Repl.it (medium.com)

Aug 8 ROCA vs. ROBOT: An Eternal Golden Braid (latacora.micro.blog)

Aug 5 (More) Effective Go (john-millikin.com)
Aug 5 Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and rewrite everything (programmingisterrible.com)

Aug 4 Error Beneath the WAVs (john-millikin.com)

Aug 3 The default OpenSSH key encryption is worse than plaintext (latacora.micro.blog)

Jul 2018

Jul 30 Why I Ripped The Same CD 300 Times (john-millikin.com)

Jul 29 Delegation: When being helpful is actually hurting (www.elidedbranches.com)

Jul 24 My experience with the Rust 2018 preview (without.boats)

Jul 23 Signing my git commits without GPG (without.boats)

Jul 20 Tweeting for 10,000 Years: An Experiment in Autonomous Software (brandur.org)

Jul 18 Factoring the Noise protocol matrix (latacora.micro.blog)

Jul 2 Migrating Isolate to ReasonML + React (seenaburns.com)
Jul 2 Effective gRPC (john-millikin.com)

Jun 2018

Jun 21 Loud subshells (latacora.micro.blog)

Jun 14 Installing and Using Wireguard, obviously with containers (blog.jessfraz.com)

Jun 12 A Child’s Garden of Inter-Service Authentication Schemes (latacora.micro.blog)
Jun 12 Apples & Oranges: A Machine Learning Classifier (medium.com)
Jun 12 Percept — Hello World (medium.com)
Jun 12 Percept — What’s Inside the ML Container (medium.com)

Jun 10 Predictability creates inclusive teams (www.jayshirley.com)

Jun 9 Hiring (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Jun 8 Living APIs, and the Case for GraphQL (brandur.org)

Jun 7 Talks (blog.jessfraz.com)

Jun 4 Async Methods II: object safety (without.boats)

May 2018

May 31 Async Methods I: generic associated types (without.boats)

May 29 Gripes with Google Groups (latacora.micro.blog)
May 29 React Podcast: Inside React (sophiebits.com)

May 25 Bazel School: Toolchains (john-millikin.com)

May 22 Working (very) remote. (www.jayshirley.com)

May 21 Type errors with inference need stacks (sophiebits.com)

May 20 Containers, Security, and Echo Chambers (blog.jessfraz.com)

May 18 Hard Multi-Tenancy in Kubernetes (blog.jessfraz.com)

May 17 There Will Be WireGuard (latacora.micro.blog)

May 15 How I Take Notes With Vim, Markdown, and Pandoc (jamesbvaughan.com)

May 14 Write code that's easy to delete, and easy to debug too. (programmingisterrible.com)

May 12 How to choose a data store for the new shiny thing (blog.dbsmasher.com)

May 9 Foot-candles: the different paths to tech (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

May 8 Encrypting All Our Backups: On Making It To That Finish Line (blog.dbsmasher.com)
May 8 Jay Kamat (jamesbvaughan.com)

May 7 Counting Usernames from Malicious Login Attempts (jamesbvaughan.com)

May 5 Dumb Security Questionnaires (latacora.micro.blog)

May 1 Timothy Gu (jamesbvaughan.com)

Apr 2018

Apr 30 College Advice I Would Give My Freshman Self (jamesbvaughan.com)

Apr 29 Three kinds of memory leaks (blog.nelhage.com)
Apr 29 Introduction (jamesbvaughan.com)

Apr 26 Scaling a High-traffic Rate Limiting Stack with Redis Cluster (brandur.org)

Apr 23 'Remote' (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Apr 20 Deep learning in your browser: A brisk guide (medium.com)

Apr 6 Async & Await in Rust: a full proposal (without.boats)

Apr 4 Writing To The Framebuffer (seenaburns.com)

Apr 3 Cryptographic Right Answers (latacora.micro.blog)

Apr 2 Quad Remapping (seenaburns.com)

Mar 2018

Mar 28 Fsyncgate: errors on fsync are unrecovarable (danluu.com)

Mar 27 Touring a Fast, Safe, and Complete(ish) Web Service in Rust (brandur.org)

Mar 26 Generating road from a curve in Houdini (seenaburns.com)

Mar 25 Isolate (seenaburns.com)

Mar 24 Mojibake in Surugaya Javascript (john-millikin.com)

Mar 20 Building Container Images Securely on Kubernetes (blog.jessfraz.com)
Mar 20 Async/Await VI: 6 weeks of great progress (without.boats)

Mar 17 UNIX Syscalls (john-millikin.com)

Mar 14 SRE School: Health Checking (john-millikin.com)

Mar 11 Reddit Front Page (2018) (john-millikin.com)

Mar 10 Re:Creators Episode 21 (john-millikin.com)

Mar 7 Are you out of alignment? (www.elidedbranches.com)

Mar 6 FZF.el: emacs + fzf (seenaburns.com)

Mar 4 Nerd Sniped by BINFMT_MISC (blog.jessfraz.com)

Mar 3 SRE School: Instrumentation (john-millikin.com)

Feb 2018

Feb 26 Saving $167,000 on Groceries (jamesbvaughan.com)

Feb 22 Observable programming (sophiebits.com)
Feb 22 Failure 1.0.0 on March 15 (without.boats)

Feb 8 Async/Await V: Getting back to the futures (without.boats)

Feb 7 Async/Await IV: An Even Better Proposal (without.boats)

Feb 4 Async/Await III: Moving Forward with Something Shippable (without.boats)

Jan 2018

Jan 31 Async/Await II: Narrowing the Scope of the Problem (without.boats)

Jan 25 Async/Await I: Self-Referential Structs (without.boats)

Jan 18 Announcing a new project: configure (without.boats)

Jan 17 Speed and Stability: Why Go is a Great Fit for Lambda (brandur.org)

Jan 13 Stop answering your own questions (www.elidedbranches.com)

Jan 9 My Goals for Rust in 2018 (without.boats)

Jan 5 The feedback I wish I got (www.jayshirley.com)

Jan 4 Unsafe Abstractions (without.boats)

Dec 2017

Dec 31 To Serve Man, with Software (feeds.feedburner.com)

Dec 27 Not Explicit (without.boats)

Dec 25 2017 in review (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Dec 24 Computer latency: 1977-2017 (danluu.com)

Dec 22 2017 Year in Review (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

Dec 16 Personal Infrastructure (blog.jessfraz.com)

Dec 6 Thoughts on Qutebrowser (jamesbvaughan.com)

Dec 4 Psychological Safety in Operation Teams (programmingisterrible.com)

Dec 3 Home Lab is the Dopest Lab (blog.jessfraz.com)

Nov 2017

Nov 30 Failure 0.1.1 released (without.boats)

Nov 21 How good are decisions? (danluu.com)

Nov 17 Scaling Postgres with Read Replicas & Using WAL to Counter Stale Reads (brandur.org)

Nov 16 Announcing Failure (without.boats)

Nov 12 How out of date are Android devices? (danluu.com)

Nov 9 UI backwards compatibility (danluu.com)

Nov 8 Redis Streams and the Unified Log (brandur.org)

Nov 5 The Existential Terror of Battle Royale (feeds.feedburner.com)

Oct 2017

Oct 27 Implementing Stripe-like Idempotency Keys in Postgres (brandur.org)

Oct 24 Property Testing Like AFL (blog.nelhage.com)

Oct 23 Alternative Registries (without.boats)
Oct 23 Filesystem error handling (danluu.com)

Oct 16 Keyboard latency (danluu.com)

Oct 3 Property-Based Testing Is Fuzzing (blog.nelhage.com)

Sep 2017

Sep 30 On leadership vs management (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Sep 28 Should You Build a Webhooks API? (brandur.org)
Sep 28 Blogging With GitLab and Hugo (without.boats)

Sep 26 React 16: an API-compatible rewrite (sophiebits.com)

Sep 9 Windows for Linux Nerds (blog.jessfraz.com)

Sep 6 How do managers* get stuck? (www.elidedbranches.com)

Aug 2017

Aug 30 Kerbal Solar Program (aphyr.com)

Aug 26 Hi, I’m trans. (sophiebits.com)

Aug 23 Branch prediction (danluu.com)

Aug 9 Sattolo's algorithm (danluu.com)

Jul 2017

Jul 27 A Rant on Usable Security (blog.jessfraz.com)

Jul 18 Terminal latency (danluu.com)

Jul 10 Disable Transparent Hugepages (blog.nelhage.com)

Jun 2017

Jun 28 How do you cut a monolith in half? (programmingisterrible.com)

Jun 13 Keyboard v. mouse (danluu.com)

Jun 11 Two Perspectives on the End-to-End Principle (blog.nelhage.com)

Jun 7 Startup options v. cash (danluu.com)

Jun 5 `godoc` struct rendering (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

Jun 2 Hacker, Hack Thyself (feeds.feedburner.com)

May 2017

May 30 mercurial changegroup application (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

May 7 Chef audit mode (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Apr 2017

Apr 27 Elasticsearch IndicesQuery (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

Apr 26 Two Objects not Namespaced by the Linux Kernel (blog.jessfraz.com)

Mar 2017

Mar 28 Setting the Record Straight: containers vs. Zones vs. Jails vs. VMs (blog.jessfraz.com)

Mar 24 Thunderbolting Your Video Card (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 10 Password Rules Are Bullshit (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 6 vim TAGS lookup (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)
Mar 6 Finding Free Food with Python (jamesbvaughan.com)

Mar 1 Systemd Timers as a Cron Alternative (jamesbvaughan.com)

Feb 2017

Feb 27 Capistrano server definition (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

Feb 26 Running Tensorflow on AWS GPUs (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 20 Ruby `reject!` (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)
Feb 20 Shortlink - Adding Creature Comforts (medium.com)
Feb 20 Tea and Tech Culture (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

Feb 19 Thoughts On Kubernetes (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 8 The modern web on a slow connection (danluu.com)

Jan 2017

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Dec 2016

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Nov 2016

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Oct 2016

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Sep 2016

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Aug 2016

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Jul 2016

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Jun 2016

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May 2016

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Apr 2016

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Mar 2016

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Feb 2016

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Jan 2016

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Dec 2015

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Nov 2015

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Oct 2015

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Sep 2015

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Aug 2015

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Jul 2015

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Jun 2015

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May 2015

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Apr 2015

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Mar 2015

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Feb 2015

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Jan 2015

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Dec 2014

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Nov 2014

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Oct 2014

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Sep 2014

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Aug 2014

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Apr 2014

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Mar 2014

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Feb 2014

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Jan 2014

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Dec 2013

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Nov 2013

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Oct 2013

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Sep 2013

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Jun 2013

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May 2013

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Mar 2013

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Feb 2013

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Jan 2013

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Sep 2012

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Aug 2012

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Jul 2012

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Mar 2012

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Feb 2012

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Dec 2011

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Nov 2011

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Aug 2011

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Mar 2011

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Feb 2011

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Jan 2011

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Dec 2010

Dec 27 Some Android reverse-engineering tools (blog.nelhage.com)

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Nov 2010

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Oct 2010

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Sep 2010

Sep 26 A brief look at Linux's security record (blog.nelhage.com)

Sep 12 Dear Twitter: Stop screwing over your developers. (blog.nelhage.com)

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Aug 2010

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Aug 8 Suggestion time: What should I blog about? (blog.nelhage.com)

Jul 2010

Jul 18 Some musings on ORMs (blog.nelhage.com)

Jul 4 Implementing a declarative mini-language in the C preprocessor (blog.nelhage.com)

Jun 2010

Jun 26 Check Plus: An EDSL for writing unit tests in C (blog.nelhage.com)

Jun 20 Lab Notebooking for the Software Engineer (blog.nelhage.com)

Jun 13 Wordpress tricks: Disabling editing shortcuts (blog.nelhage.com)

Jun 6 Confessions of a programmer: I hate code review (blog.nelhage.com)

May 2010

May 30 Using X forwarding with screen by proxying $DISPLAY (blog.nelhage.com)

May 23 Getting carried away with hack value (blog.nelhage.com)

May 9 The Window Manager I Want (blog.nelhage.com)

May 2 Software Engineers should keep lab notebooks (blog.nelhage.com)

Apr 2010

Apr 4 Some thoughts on Quora (blog.nelhage.com)

Mar 2010

Mar 28 Fun with the preprocessor: CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION hacks in Linux (blog.nelhage.com)

Mar 13 Security doesn't respect abstraction boundaries (blog.nelhage.com)

Mar 3 Followup to "A Very Subtle Bug" (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 2010

Feb 27 A Very Subtle Bug (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 23 Monad is not difficult (john-millikin.com)

Feb 21 Iron Blogger: Blogging for Beer (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 14 Versioning dotfiles in git (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 5 CVE-2007-4573: The Anatomy of a Kernel Exploit (blog.nelhage.com)

Jan 2010

Jan 24 Git in pictures (blog.nelhage.com)

Jan 18 Understanding Iteratees (john-millikin.com)
Jan 18 On git and usability (blog.nelhage.com)

Jan 11 A Brief Introduction to termios: Signaling and Job Control (blog.nelhage.com)

Jan 1 How does Boston compare to SV and what do MIT and Stanford have to do with it? (danluu.com)
Jan 1 Are closed social networks inevitable? (danluu.com)

Dec 2009

Dec 30 A Brief Introduction to termios: termios(3) and stty (blog.nelhage.com)

Dec 22 A Brief Introduction to termios (blog.nelhage.com)

Sep 2008

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Aug 2008

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Mar 2008

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Feb 2008

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Dec 2007

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Nov 2007

Nov 16 History of Symbolics lisp machines (danluu.com)

Aug 2007

Aug 5 DEF CON (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 2007

Feb 11 6.170, CVS, and SVN (blog.nelhage.com)

Feb 2006

Feb 1 Subspace / Continuum History (danluu.com)

Jun 2004

Jun 9 Glenn Henry interview (danluu.com)

Aug 2001

Aug 1 comp.programming.threads FAQ (danluu.com)

Jul 2001

Jul 29 What is RISC? (danluu.com)

Apr 2000

Apr 1 Risk over time (danluu.com)

Jan 2000

Jan 1 Windows: a software engineering odyssey (danluu.com)

Aug 1998

Aug 24 United States v. Microsoft Corp exhibits (danluu.com)

Aug 1978

Aug 1 UNIX Time-Sharing System: Forward (danluu.com)

Jan 0001

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