May 2019

May 25 Stateful Serverless: Critical Sections with Azure Durable Functions (christophermeiklejohn.com)

May 24 First American Financial Corp. Leaked Hundreds of Millions of Title Insurance Records (krebsonsecurity.com)
May 24 Some of the best sports photos in Boston history (www.bostonglobe.com)
May 24 Compress objects, not cache lines: an object-based compressed memory hierarchy (blog.acolyer.org)

May 23 A license to share (increment.com)
May 23 The rise of few-maintainer projects (increment.com)
May 23 won’t you (increment.com)
May 23 A punk rock guide to conference organizing (increment.com)
May 23 Voting for transparency (increment.com)
May 23 The city guide to open source (increment.com)
May 23 A call for change (increment.com)
May 23 More productive Git (increment.com)
May 23 Interview: Mitchell Baker (increment.com)
May 23 Open source at scale (increment.com)
May 23 The benefits (and costs) of corporate open source (increment.com)
May 23 Beyond maintenance (increment.com)
May 23 (Open) source of anxiety (increment.com)
May 23 Community service (increment.com)
May 23 The lingua franca of LaTeX (increment.com)
May 23 Ask an expert: How do you build a professional network? (increment.com)
May 23 Introduction to Stateful Serverless: key-value database with Azure Durable Entities (christophermeiklejohn.com)

May 22 Legal Threats Make Powerful Phishing Lures (krebsonsecurity.com)
May 22 Software-defined far memory in warehouse scale computers (blog.acolyer.org)

May 21 426 Upgrade Required (feeds.feedburner.com)
May 21 The secret life of DNS packets: investigating complex networks (stripe.com)

May 20 RPCValet: NI-driven tail-aware balancing of µs-scale RPCs (blog.acolyer.org)
May 20 RFC-100 (write.as)

May 19 Profiling in Haskell for a 10x Speedup (blog.jez.io)
May 19 Overly Attached (queue.acm.org)
May 19 How to invest in technical infrastructure. (lethain.com)

May 18 RFC-99 (write.as)
May 18 RFC-98 (write.as)
May 18 RFC-97 (write.as)
May 18 Account Hijacking Forum OGusers Hacked (krebsonsecurity.com)

May 17 Understanding real-world concurrency bugs in Go (blog.acolyer.org)

May 16 Feds Target $100M ‘GozNym’ Cybercrime Network (krebsonsecurity.com)

May 15 A Tough Week for IP Address Scammers (krebsonsecurity.com)
May 15 Corollary to the Hard Thing about Hard Things (blog.jessfraz.com)
May 15 Seer: leveraging big data to navigate the complexity of performance debugging in cloud microservices (blog.acolyer.org)

May 14 Microsoft Patches ‘Wormable’ Flaw in Windows XP, 7 and Windows 2003 (krebsonsecurity.com)
May 14 425 Too Early (feeds.feedburner.com)

May 13 RFC-96 (write.as)
May 13 Industry-scale Knowledge Graphs: Lessons and Challenges (queue.acm.org)
May 13 An open-source benchmark suite for microservices and their hardware-software implications for cloud & edge systems (blog.acolyer.org)
May 13 Fast Fourier Transforms (vitalik.ca)

May 12 OPP (Other People's Problems) (www.elidedbranches.com)
May 12 Can governments design great APIs? Let's hope so. (lethain.com)

May 10 Nine Charged in Alleged SIM Swapping Ring (krebsonsecurity.com)
May 10 Increasing access to blockchain and ledger databases (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
May 10 Distributed consensus revised – Part III (blog.acolyer.org)
May 10 Control as Liability (vitalik.ca)

May 9 RFC-95 (write.as)

May 8 Why open source firmware is important for security (blog.jessfraz.com)
May 8 Distributed consensus revised – Part II (blog.acolyer.org)

May 7 What’s Behind the Wolters Kluwer Tax Outage? (krebsonsecurity.com)
May 7 424 Failed Dependency (feeds.feedburner.com)
May 7 Distributed consensus revised – Part I (blog.acolyer.org)
May 7 Railyard: how we rapidly train machine learning models with Kubernetes (stripe.com)

May 6 RFC-94 (write.as)
May 6 RFC-93 (write.as)
May 6 RFC-92 (write.as)
May 6 RFC-91 (write.as)

May 5 Video Game Probability #1: How to Grow 5 Golden Crops in Stardew Valley (blog.amynguyen.net)
May 5 Video Game Probability: Introduction (blog.amynguyen.net)

May 3 Feds Bust Up Dark Web Hub Wall Street Market (krebsonsecurity.com)
May 3 Credit Union Sues Fintech Giant Fiserv Over Security Claims (krebsonsecurity.com)
May 3 Book Review — An Elegant Puzzle (medium.com)

May 2 Globe staff photos of the month, April 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)
May 2 GAN Dissection and Datacenter RPCs (queue.acm.org)
May 2 Stripe’s fifth engineering hub is Remote (stripe.com)

May 1 Friday Deploy Freezes Are Exactly Like Murdering Puppies (charity.wtf)
May 1 Endless Summer by The Midnight: a brief analysis (robertheaton.com)

Apr 2019

Apr 30 On pain, careers, and doing things the hard way. (charity.wtf)
Apr 30 423 Locked (feeds.feedburner.com)

Apr 28 Skeptical advice for programming jobseekers (robertheaton.com)

Apr 26 YOW! 2018 Cloud Performance Root Cause Analysis at Netflix (www.brendangregg.com)

Apr 25 Expanding the AWS Cloud – Introducing the AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
Apr 25 An Elegant Puzzle is available for pre-order. (lethain.com)
Apr 25 SCA, invoicing, and tax tools for Stripe Billing (stripe.com)

Apr 24 Troubling Trends in Machine Learning Scholarship (queue.acm.org)

Apr 23 422 Unprocessable Entity (feeds.feedburner.com)
Apr 23 Challenge Accepted: Transposit (blog.jessfraz.com)
Apr 23 SCA readiness: building infrastructure for regulatory compliance (stripe.com)

Apr 22 Spring blossoms (www.bostonglobe.com)
Apr 22 End of term (blog.acolyer.org)

Apr 21 Synth1: an unofficial manual (robertheaton.com)

Apr 20 Using Fault-Injection to Evolve a Reliable Broadcast Protocol (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Apr 17 Wrote some ARM (seenaburns.com)
Apr 17 On Free Speech (vitalik.ca)

Apr 16 421 Misdirected Request (feeds.feedburner.com)

Apr 15 2019 Boston Marathon (www.bostonglobe.com)
Apr 15 Questions I'd Ask My Cloud Provider (blog.jessfraz.com)
Apr 15 3D Secure 2 (stripe.com)

Apr 14 Tom's Top Ten Things Executives Should Know About Software (queue.acm.org)
Apr 14 Open Source for Advanced Beginners #1: bashplotlib (robertheaton.com)

Apr 13 Open Source for Advanced Beginners (robertheaton.com)

Apr 10 A Career Development Methodology (www.jayshirley.com)

Apr 9 Garbage Collection as a Joint Venture (queue.acm.org)
Apr 9 Leadership CI (blog.jessfraz.com)
Apr 9 420 Enhance your calm (feeds.feedburner.com)
Apr 9 How to Get Into SRE (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

Apr 8 The Truth Seekers (blog.jessfraz.com)

Apr 7 Airplane packing list (blog.amynguyen.net)
Apr 7 To innovate, first deprecate. (lethain.com)

Apr 6 Magnitudes of exploration. (lethain.com)
Apr 6 How does Tor work? (robertheaton.com)

Apr 4 On Collusion (vitalik.ca)

Apr 3 Halo Jakarta! An AWS Region is coming to Indonesia! (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
Apr 3 How to Create a Great Team Culture (and Why It Matters) (queue.acm.org)

Apr 2 Globe staff photos of the month, March 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)
Apr 2 418 I'm a teapot (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 2019

Mar 31 The Robot Reserve Army of Labor (robertheaton.com)

Mar 28 Using loops instead of higher order functions (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 27 Redefining application communications with AWS App Mesh (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Mar 26 Why are monoidal categories interesting? (jvns.ca)
Mar 26 417 Expectation Failed (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 25 Thoughts on Conway's Law and the software stack (blog.jessfraz.com)
Mar 25 What beginner's mind is really like (robertheaton.com)

Mar 24 Online Event Processing (queue.acm.org)
Mar 24 Digging into RISC-V and how I learn new things (blog.jessfraz.com)

Mar 21 Defining a Distinguished Engineer (blog.jessfraz.com)
Mar 21 Another successful prediction? (rachelbythebay.com)
Mar 21 On building a new engineering hub in Dublin (stripe.com)

Mar 19 416 Range Not Satisfiable (feeds.feedburner.com)
Mar 19 Strong Customer Authentication (stripe.com)

Mar 18 What Working At Stripe Has Been Like (www.kalzumeus.com)
Mar 18 The Worst Idea of All Time (queue.acm.org)

Mar 17 An Enigma, unikernels booting on RISC-V, a rack encased in liquid. OH MY. (blog.jessfraz.com)
Mar 17 ROBERT: prove that your randomized trial really was random (robertheaton.com)

Mar 15 New zine: Bite Size Networking! (jvns.ca)
Mar 15 Students stage global protest to speak out on climate change inaction (www.bostonglobe.com)

Mar 14 An OAuth2 middleware for fetch() (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 13 Amazon Aurora ascendant: How we designed a cloud-native relational database (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Mar 12 415 Unsupported Media Type (feeds.feedburner.com)
Mar 12 Net Neutrality: Unexpected Solution to Blockchain Scaling (queue.acm.org)

Mar 8 Applied Monotonicity: A Brief History of CRDTs in Riak (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Mar 7 Function Dispatch Tables in C (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)
Mar 7 "Oh What a Strange Month it has Been" (rachelbythebay.com)
Mar 7 How to get to Silver in Rocket League 1v1s (robertheaton.com)

Mar 5 414 URI Too Long (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 2 Globe staff photos of the month, February 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)
Mar 2 I moved to amy.dev (blog.amynguyen.net)
Mar 2 Trust and Integrity (blog.jessfraz.com)

Feb 2019

Feb 28 SageDB and NetAccel (queue.acm.org)
Feb 28 Government. Medicine. Capitalism? (blog.jessfraz.com)

Feb 26 413 Payload Too Large (feeds.feedburner.com)
Feb 26 Service X, Destroyer of Worlds (rachelbythebay.com)

Feb 25 Books I Recommend (blog.jessfraz.com)

Feb 23 From the File Vault: Pharmy Tales (blog.jessfraz.com)

Feb 19 Reflections on SGX (blog.jessfraz.com)
Feb 19 412 Precondition Failed (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 17 Organizing this blog into categories (jvns.ca)
Feb 17 The Cloud Is Just Someone Else's Computer (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 16 !!Con 2019: submit a talk! (jvns.ca)

Feb 14 Infinite loops and doomed machines (rachelbythebay.com)

Feb 13 Smartphone society (www.bostonglobe.com)
Feb 13 Outsource Your O11y: Now Roll It Out And Keep Them Happy (part 3/3) (charity.wtf)
Feb 13 Outsource Your O11y: Get Aligned With Security (part 2/3) (charity.wtf)
Feb 13 Outsource Your O11y: How To Be A Champion (part 1/3) (charity.wtf)

Feb 12 411 Length Required (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 11 Best of 2018 in Tech Talks (medium.com)
Feb 11 Reflecting on The Soul of a New Machine (dtrace.org)

Feb 10 Networking tool comics! (jvns.ca)

Feb 6 What would it take to start my own company the way I want to? (blog.amynguyen.net)
Feb 6 Highlights from the Patriots Super Bowl parade (www.bostonglobe.com)

Feb 5 Logs vs Structured Events (charity.wtf)
Feb 5 410 Gone (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 4 SortSupport: Sorting in Postgres at Speed (brandur.org)
Feb 4 Super Bowl LIII: Patriots vs. Rams (www.bostonglobe.com)

Feb 3 A month in the office (www.jayshirley.com)

Feb 2 Globe staff photos of the month, January 2019 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jan 2019

Jan 31 Deliberately skipping encryption for business purposes (rachelbythebay.com)

Jan 30 Ketting 2.5 release. (feeds.feedburner.com)

Jan 29 Beyond translation (increment.com)
Jan 29 For want of a typeface (increment.com)
Jan 29 The process: Building a better checkout (increment.com)
Jan 29 It’s probably never going to work in German (increment.com)
Jan 29 A few early marketing thoughts (jvns.ca)
Jan 29 100 years ago, Boston’s North End was hit by a deadly wave of molasses (www.bostonglobe.com)
Jan 29 409 Conflict (feeds.feedburner.com)
Jan 29 Feedback: oncall rotations (rachelbythebay.com)
Jan 29 Populating an oncall rotation (rachelbythebay.com)

Jan 28 On Being A Principal Engineer (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Jan 21 The night of a cascading failure (rachelbythebay.com)

Jan 18 This is a bad sign (rachelbythebay.com)

Jan 15 Data structures to name-drop when you want to sound smart in an interview (blog.amynguyen.net)

Jan 11 Feedback: canaries, bad managers, pranks, and book 3? (rachelbythebay.com)
Jan 11 Troubleshooting IPv6 badness to certain hosts in a rack (rachelbythebay.com)

Jan 5 Moving to another country (blog.amynguyen.net)
Jan 5 The best Boston Globe staff photos of 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jan 4 Engineering Management: The Pendulum Or The Ladder (charity.wtf)
Jan 4 Globe staff photos of the month, December 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jan 3 Feedback roundup: formal education, SWE, SA, or what? (rachelbythebay.com)

Jan 2 A double diagnosis — cancer while poor (www.bostonglobe.com)
Jan 2 Needlepoint (aphyr.com)
Jan 2 Thumbnailing in Isolate: Background workers in Electron (seenaburns.com)

Jan 1 Learn eBPF Tracing: Tutorial and Examples (www.brendangregg.com)

Dec 2018

Dec 31 Potholes to avoid when migrating to IPv6 (rachelbythebay.com)

Dec 30 Effective Mental Models for Code and Systems (medium.com)
Dec 30 How the Valley treats its experienced people (rachelbythebay.com)

Dec 29 Oh, what a year it’s been (blog.dbsmasher.com)
Dec 29 Some nonparametric statistics math (jvns.ca)
Dec 29 Handling intent for Grandma World (rachelbythebay.com)

Dec 28 2018: Year in review (jvns.ca)
Dec 28 Circular dependencies for provisioning systems (rachelbythebay.com)

Dec 27 2018 Year in Review (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)
Dec 27 The other kind of "flash" that we used to worry about (rachelbythebay.com)

Dec 26 The year 2018 in pictures: Part II (www.bostonglobe.com)
Dec 26 The year 2018 in pictures: Part I (www.bostonglobe.com)

Dec 25 Why review code? (sophiebits.com)

Dec 23 Social networking and dog food (rachelbythebay.com)

Dec 21 Small stupid things that make up my dev environment (rachelbythebay.com)
Dec 21 Enabling `perf` in Kubernetes with Docker’s default seccomp profile (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

Dec 20 Gluten Free Antarctica (idlewords.com)

Dec 19 New Dashboard updates (stripe.com)

Dec 17 A EULA in FOSS clothing? (dtrace.org)

Dec 15 New talk: High Reliability Infrastructure Migrations (jvns.ca)
Dec 15 Open source confronts its midlife crisis (dtrace.org)
Dec 15 High performance, exactly-once, failure oblivious distributed programming with AMBROSIA (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Dec 12 Expanding the AWS Cloud – Introducing the AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
Dec 12 ATDT relief (rachelbythebay.com)
Dec 12 How To Make HTTP Requests In Elm (jamesbvaughan.com)

Dec 9 How do you document a tech project with comics? (jvns.ca)

Dec 6 A CBC Casper Tutorial (vitalik.ca)

Dec 5 Globe staff photos of the month, November 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Dec 4 Metrics by proxy (sophiebits.com)
Dec 4 Stripe Atlas: guide to scaling engineering organizations (stripe.com)

Dec 3 Voice (sophiebits.com)
Dec 3 Yak shaving and fixing (sophiebits.com)

Dec 2 Software Sprawl, The Golden Path, and Scaling Teams With Agency (charity.wtf)

Nov 2018

Nov 30 Keeping tradition of the hunt alive (www.bostonglobe.com)

Nov 26 Chaos at the US border in Mexico (www.bostonglobe.com)

Nov 23 I hate manager READMEs (www.elidedbranches.com)

Nov 21 Amazon Redshift and the art of performance optimization in the cloud (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Nov 20 The Emperor's Old Clothes (www.jayshirley.com)

Nov 18 An example of how C++ destructors are useful in Envoy (jvns.ca)

Nov 17 When is someone ready to manage managers? (www.elidedbranches.com)

Nov 16 The deadly Camp Fire in California (www.bostonglobe.com)
Nov 16 Guesstimate: A Programming Model for Collaborative Distributed Systems (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Nov 15 A CAPable Distributed Programming Model (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Nov 14 Inconsistent, Performance-bound, Approximate (IPA) (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Nov 13 Ciao Milano! – An AWS Region is coming to Italy! (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Nov 12 Expanding the Cloud – The Second AWS GovCloud (US) Region, AWS GovCloud (US-East) (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Nov 11 Some notes on running new software in production (jvns.ca)
Nov 11 100th anniversary of the end of WWI (www.bostonglobe.com)

Nov 8 FlameScope Pattern Recognition (www.brendangregg.com)

Nov 5 Politics as Sport (idlewords.com)

Nov 4 Applicable Uses of the XOR Operator (www.eclairbytes.com)
Nov 4 Globe staff photos of the month, October 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Nov 1 Tailwind: style your site without writing any CSS! (jvns.ca)
Nov 1 SRE School: No Haunted Forests (john-millikin.com)

Oct 2018

Oct 31 Red Sox 2018 World Series victory parade (www.bostonglobe.com)

Oct 29 The Great Slate (idlewords.com)
Oct 29 React Conf: “React Today and Tomorrow” (sophiebits.com)
Oct 29 Red Sox win the 2018 World Series (www.bostonglobe.com)
Oct 29 World Series: Game 4, Red Sox vs. Dodgers (www.bostonglobe.com)

Oct 28 When does teaching with comics work well? (jvns.ca)

Oct 27 New zine: Oh shit, git! (jvns.ca)
Oct 27 World Series: Game 3, Red Sox vs. Dodgers (www.bostonglobe.com)
Oct 27 Some Envoy basics (jvns.ca)

Oct 25 World Series: Game 2, Red Sox vs. Dodgers (www.bostonglobe.com)
Oct 25 Expanding the AWS Cloud – An AWS Region is coming to South Africa! (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
Oct 25 World Series: Game 1, Red Sox vs. Dodgers (www.bostonglobe.com)

Oct 24 Ten Platform Commandments (charity.wtf)
Oct 24 4 Steps to Finding the Right Deep Learning Model (medium.com)

Oct 23 Lack of progress exposed by the Canary MacGuffin (rachelbythebay.com)

Oct 22 What does Stack Overflow want to be when it grows up? (feeds.feedburner.com)

Oct 21 A hidden complication for Linux desktop audio (rachelbythebay.com)

Oct 20 Lessons on exec from 4:40pm on a friday (seenaburns.com)

Oct 19 Japan's Hometown Tax (www.kalzumeus.com)
Oct 19 Why we host conference talk dry runs (sophiebits.com)

Oct 15 How to Manage Connections Efficiently in Postgres, or Any Database (brandur.org)
Oct 15 socat (medium.com)

Oct 11 Spend less time estimating, more time shipping. (www.jayshirley.com)

Oct 10 Choosing to stay out of the community (rachelbythebay.com)

Oct 8 bpftrace (DTrace 2.0) for Linux 2018 (www.brendangregg.com)

Oct 6 What's a senior engineer's job? (jvns.ca)
Oct 6 Portrait of a Campaign (idlewords.com)

Oct 5 Disappearing videos and disappointed grandmothers (rachelbythebay.com)
Oct 5 Assessing software engineering candidates (dtrace.org)

Oct 3 Globe staff photos of the month, September 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)
Oct 3 Should KubeCon be double-blind? (dtrace.org)

Oct 2 Scenes from the aftermath of Indonesia’s earthquake, tsunami (www.bostonglobe.com)

Sep 2018

Sep 30 Some possible career goals (jvns.ca)
Sep 30 Hi! What beginning are you referring to? (medium.com)

Sep 29 The relative performance of C and Rust (dtrace.org)

Sep 27 It seems like either a folder named `tfjs_model_data` already exists in your directory, or… (medium.com)
Sep 27 Without using a higher level framework such as TF, PyTorch, etc. (medium.com)

Sep 26 On making connections (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Sep 25 The world, the stage, the way ahead (www.bostonglobe.com)

Sep 23 Why sell zines? (jvns.ca)

Sep 22 Thanks for reading! (medium.com)
Sep 22 If you’re following along locally, you should see the flask output that a server is running on… (medium.com)
Sep 22 Engineering Productivity (www.elidedbranches.com)
Sep 22 New zine: Help! I have a manager! (jvns.ca)
Sep 22 Glad you found it amazing! Fixed the matrix dimensions haha I always get the order confused (medium.com)

Sep 21 There is no longer any such thing as Computer Security (feeds.feedburner.com)

Sep 19 Absolutely! (medium.com)
Sep 19 The unsatisfactory answer is that it’s arbitrary, CartPole v0 has a termination condition of 200… (medium.com)

Sep 18 Falling in love with Rust (dtrace.org)
Sep 18 The destructive aftermath of Hurricane Florence (www.bostonglobe.com)
Sep 18 From Scratch: AI Balancing Act in 50 Lines of Python (medium.com)

Sep 17 Pipeline from Africa (www.bostonglobe.com)

Sep 8 Citizenship privileges and corporate performance reviews (rachelbythebay.com)

Sep 7 The woes of incremental resource drains in big systems (rachelbythebay.com)

Sep 5 Globe staff photos of the month, August 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)

Sep 1 Top 5 lessons learned working at startups (medium.com)

Aug 2018

Aug 31 Thoughts on the new State of Devops report (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Aug 28 A Missing Link in Postgres 11: Fast Column Creation with Defaults (brandur.org)

Aug 27 Layer 1 Should Be Innovative in the Short Term but Less in the Long Term (vitalik.ca)

Aug 26 A home, but for how long? (www.bostonglobe.com)

Aug 24 Private peering issues and focusing on the end user (rachelbythebay.com)
Aug 24 How to Run a Tech Leadership Skill Share (charity.wtf)

Aug 22 Movie Director Genders (jamesbvaughan.com)

Aug 20 US Gymnastics Championships in Boston (www.bostonglobe.com)

Aug 12 Health Checks and Graceful Degradation in Distributed Systems (medium.com)

Aug 8 A Guide to 99% Fault Tolerant Consensus (vitalik.ca)

Aug 7 Summertime festivals around the world (www.bostonglobe.com)

Aug 6 cout (www.eclairbytes.com)

Aug 5 (More) Effective Go (john-millikin.com)

Aug 4 Error Beneath the WAVs (john-millikin.com)

Aug 1 Globe staff photos of the month, July 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)
Aug 1 Make your voice count by simply saying, "Alexa, let's chat." (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
Aug 1 Some effects of unchecked company growth (rachelbythebay.com)
Aug 1 Blocking the rideshares (rachelbythebay.com)

Jul 2018

Jul 30 Why I Ripped The Same CD 300 Times (john-millikin.com)

Jul 29 Delegation: When being helpful is actually hurting (www.elidedbranches.com)

Jul 27 The life aquatic (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jul 22 STARKs, Part 3: Into the Weeds (vitalik.ca)

Jul 20 Tweeting for 10,000 Years: An Experiment in Autonomous Software (brandur.org)

Jul 18 Concurrent Programming in ML: A Race (blog.jez.io)

Jul 14 Anatomy of a Glutening (christophermeiklejohn.com)

Jul 10 All eyes on the World Cup (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jul 7 Kakuma refugee camp (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jul 2 Globe staff photos of the month, June 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)
Jul 2 Migrating Isolate to ReasonML + React (seenaburns.com)
Jul 2 Effective gRPC (john-millikin.com)

Jun 2018

Jun 30 Evaluating the Evaluation: A Benchmarking Checklist (www.brendangregg.com)

Jun 27 Troubleshooting kernel crashes under pressure (rachelbythebay.com)
Jun 27 Giving away the company's secret sauce (rachelbythebay.com)

Jun 25 Life in the bleachers at Fenway Park (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jun 21 A one size fits all database doesn't fit anyone (www.allthingsdistributed.com)

Jun 20 US border policy controversy (www.bostonglobe.com)

Jun 10 Predictability creates inclusive teams (www.jayshirley.com)

Jun 9 Hiring (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Jun 8 Opioids land more women behind bars (www.bostonglobe.com)
Jun 8 Living APIs, and the Case for GraphQL (brandur.org)

Jun 4 Globe staff photos of the month, May 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)

May 2018

May 31 Prefer .then() over .catch() (blog.jez.io)
May 31 Linux bcc/eBPF tcpdrop (www.brendangregg.com)

May 29 React Podcast: Inside React (sophiebits.com)

May 25 Bazel Toolchains (john-millikin.com)

May 22 Working (very) remote. (www.jayshirley.com)

May 21 Eruption of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano (www.bostonglobe.com)
May 21 The workplace of the future (www.allthingsdistributed.com)
May 21 Type errors with inference need stacks (sophiebits.com)

May 16 How the feedback mechanism works (spoiler: boring) (rachelbythebay.com)

May 15 How I Take Notes With Vim, Markdown, and Pandoc (jamesbvaughan.com)

May 14 Feedback: feeds, URLs, uids, LoveSacs and HTML oddities (rachelbythebay.com)
May 14 Responses to strftime and %G (rachelbythebay.com)

May 13 strftime's alpha-sorted man page vs. well-meaning people (rachelbythebay.com)

May 12 How to choose a data store for the new shiny thing (blog.dbsmasher.com)

May 9 Foot-candles: the different paths to tech (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

May 8 Encrypting All Our Backups: On Making It To That Finish Line (blog.dbsmasher.com)
May 8 Jay Kamat (jamesbvaughan.com)

May 7 Counting Usernames from Malicious Login Attempts (jamesbvaughan.com)

May 5 Raising Connor (www.bostonglobe.com)

May 2 Globe staff photos of the month, April 2018 (www.bostonglobe.com)
May 2 You don't need to be the thing to monitor the thing (rachelbythebay.com)

May 1 Company-wide outages and the tendency to spam "ME TOO" (rachelbythebay.com)
May 1 Timothy Gu (jamesbvaughan.com)

Apr 2018

Apr 30 Stay Home (medium.com)
Apr 30 USENIX LISA 2018: CFP Now Open (www.brendangregg.com)
Apr 30 Hanging the Linux core dump pipe helper (rachelbythebay.com)
Apr 30 College Advice I Would Give My Freshman Self (jamesbvaughan.com)

Apr 29 Introduction (jamesbvaughan.com)

Apr 28 Optimizing your talking points (rachelbythebay.com)

Apr 27 User IDs probably shouldn't be passed around as ints (rachelbythebay.com)
Apr 27 What's the size of that vector, anyway? (rachelbythebay.com)

Apr 26 Scaling a High-traffic Rate Limiting Stack With Redis Cluster (brandur.org)

Apr 25 "Culture fit" is a two way street; it's them, not you (rachelbythebay.com)
Apr 25 Timeless writing by other people about workplaces (rachelbythebay.com)

Apr 24 Up or out: tech company leveling and mandatory promotions (rachelbythebay.com)

Apr 23 'Remote' (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Apr 22 Interns with toasters: how I taught people about load balancers (rachelbythebay.com)

Apr 21 On Radical Markets (vitalik.ca)

Apr 20 More fun with C++ STL containers and [] (rachelbythebay.com)

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Mar 2018

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Feb 2018

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Jan 2018

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Dec 2017

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Nov 2017

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Oct 2017

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Sep 2017

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Aug 2017

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Jul 2017

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Jun 2017

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Jun 5 `godoc` struct rendering (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

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May 2017

May 31 Prey: the Real and the Symbolic (aphyr.com)

May 30 mercurial changegroup application (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

May 28 The Accidental Evangelist (brandur.org)

May 22 A Comparison of Advanced, Modern Cloud Databases (brandur.org)

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May 10 Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 14: Running A Business Portfolio with Jonathan Siegel (www.kalzumeus.com)

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Apr 2017

Apr 27 Elasticsearch IndicesQuery (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

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Mar 2017

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Feb 2017

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Jan 2017

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Dec 2016

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Nov 2016

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Oct 2016

Oct 27 The Boy Who Cried Almost Wolf (www.jayshirley.com)

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Oct 6 Cape Adare (idlewords.com)

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Sep 2016

Sep 15 'Ladies' Is Gender Neutral (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

Sep 9 I’m Joining Stripe to Work on Atlas (www.kalzumeus.com)

Sep 8 Hacking PagerDuty (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

Aug 2016

Aug 26 Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 13: Selling Online Businesses With Thomas Smale (www.kalzumeus.com)

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Aug 19 Microservices: Real Architectural Patterns (www.elidedbranches.com)

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Jul 2016

Jul 29 When it matters to be understood (www.jayshirley.com)

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Jul 20 Regular Expression Backtracking on StackOverflow (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

Jul 18 The Virtue of Hubris and The Value of Complaining (www.elidedbranches.com)

Jul 12 Jepsen: VoltDB 6.3 (aphyr.com)

Jun 2016

Jun 28 Jepsen: Crate 0.54.9 version divergence (aphyr.com)

Jun 14 Slapping Back Imposter Syndrome (blog.alicegoldfuss.com)

Jun 10 The Virtues of Laziness and Impatience (www.elidedbranches.com)

Jun 5 Motivation: Recognition or Achievement? (www.jayshirley.com)

Jun 3 Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 12: Salary Negotiation with Josh Doody (www.kalzumeus.com)

May 2016

May 20 The Golden Age of x86 Gaming (feeds.feedburner.com)

May 15 Shuffleboard At McMurdo (idlewords.com)

May 14 UIKit Subviews with custom tints (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

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Apr 2016

Apr 30 How To Make Fossils Productive Again (feeds.feedburner.com)

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Mar 2016

Mar 30 Device security and the FBI (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 25 Capacity planning for databases (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Feb 2016

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Feb 12 What do I do with my time? (www.elidedbranches.com)

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Jan 2016

Jan 29 Invest in the Right Goal (www.jayshirley.com)

Jan 28 Qualitative or Quantitative but always Analytical (www.elidedbranches.com)

Jan 25 Hiring Engineering Managers: Screening for Potential (www.elidedbranches.com)

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Jan 4 2015 in review...2016 here I come (blog.dbsmasher.com)
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Dec 2015

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Nov 2015

Nov 14 The Advertising Bubble (idlewords.com)

Nov 10 The Investigatory Powers Bill would increase cybercrime (feeds.feedburner.com)

Nov 3 Using Sensu for DBA tasks (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Oct 2015

Oct 30 Developing In Stockfighter With No Trading Experience (www.kalzumeus.com)

Oct 11 The Recurse Center and the joy of learning (feeds.feedburner.com)

Sep 2015

Sep 17 Know your Limits (www.jayshirley.com)

Sep 4 Jepsen: Percona XtraDB Cluster (aphyr.com)
Sep 4 Intents and Outcomes (www.jayshirley.com)

Sep 3 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: N=1 Materials for Systems Research (feeds.feedburner.com)

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Aug 2015

Aug 20 Designing And Building Stockfighter, Our Programming Game (www.kalzumeus.com)

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Jul 2015

Jul 29 An Antarctic Appeal (idlewords.com)
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Jul 7 Comments on "You Do it Too" (aphyr.com)

May 2015

May 10 `puppet apply` (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

May 4 Jepsen: Aerospike (aphyr.com)

Apr 2015

Apr 27 Jepsen: Elasticsearch 1.5.0 (aphyr.com)

Apr 20 Jepsen: MongoDB stale reads (aphyr.com)

Mar 2015

Mar 20 Revisiting Haskell Network.HTTP (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

Mar 17 Haskell Network.HTTP (accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.com)

Mar 6 Alfred, csshx and terminalception (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Feb 2015

Feb 13 Builders vs option maps (aphyr.com)
Feb 13 Learning configuration management as a DBA (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Feb 12 Returning self or void suggests mutability (aphyr.com)

Feb 8 Scaling MySQL at SendGrid (blog.dbsmasher.com)

Feb 3 Worst-Case Distributed Systems Design (feeds.feedburner.com)

Nov 2014

Nov 12 When Does Consistency Require Coordination? (feeds.feedburner.com)

Oct 2014

Oct 20 Data Integrity and Problems of Scope (feeds.feedburner.com)

Sep 2014

Sep 24 Linearizability versus Serializability (feeds.feedburner.com)

Sep 19 MSR Silicon Valley Systems Projects I Have Loved (feeds.feedburner.com)

Sep 16 Understanding Weak Isolation Is a Serious Problem (feeds.feedburner.com)

Aug 2014

Aug 27 Clojure from the ground up: debugging (aphyr.com)
Aug 27 Clojure from the ground up: roadmap (aphyr.com)

Jun 2014

Jun 15 Jepsen: Elasticsearch (aphyr.com)

Jun 9 Jepsen: etcd and Consul (aphyr.com)

Apr 2014

Apr 22 Bridging the Gap: Opportunities in Coordination-Avoiding Databases (feeds.feedburner.com)

Apr 14 Without Conflicts, Serializability Is Free (feeds.feedburner.com)

Apr 7 Scalable Atomic Visibility with RAMP Transactions (feeds.feedburner.com)

Apr 2 Initializing on the main thread using dispatch_once (sophiebits.com)

Feb 2014

Feb 5 Causality Is Expensive (and What To Do About It) (feeds.feedburner.com)

Jan 2014

Jan 13 Stickiness and Client-Server Session Guarantees (feeds.feedburner.com)

Dec 2013

Dec 10 On Consistency and Durability (feeds.feedburner.com)

Jun 2013

Jun 18 A near-perfect oninput shim for IE 8 and 9 (sophiebits.com)

Jun 9 Using React to speed up the Khan Academy question editor (sophiebits.com)

May 2013

May 28 Non-blocking Transactional Atomicity (feeds.feedburner.com)

May 17 Communication Costs in Real-world Networks (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 2013

Feb 5 HAT, not CAP: Introducing Highly Available Transactions (feeds.feedburner.com)

Jan 2013

Jan 22 When is "ACID" ACID? Rarely. (feeds.feedburner.com)

Jan 14 Using PBS in Cassandra 1.2.0 (feeds.feedburner.com)

Sep 2012

Sep 20 Doing Redundant Work to Speed Up Distributed Queries (feeds.feedburner.com)

Aug 2012

Aug 24 What I did at Khan Academy, 2012 edition (sophiebits.com)

Aug 3 Preventing XSS attacks when embedding JSON in HTML (sophiebits.com)

Jul 2012

Jul 19 Rolling back to an old revision in Mercurial (like git reset) (sophiebits.com)

Mar 2012

Mar 27 Safety and Liveness: Eventual Consistency Is Not Safe (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 17 A Running List: Writing, Speaking, and Research Advice (feeds.feedburner.com)

Mar 4 What's Wrong with Amazon's DynamoDB Pricing? (feeds.feedburner.com)

Feb 2012

Feb 10 Huchra's Seven Characteristics of a Successful Scientist (feeds.feedburner.com)

Dec 2011

Dec 19 CCC Post: Why am I in graduate school? (feeds.feedburner.com)

Dec 1 Tasting My Proverbial Academic Foot (feeds.feedburner.com)

Nov 2011

Nov 11 NoseSQL and SenseDB: New Paradigms for Crowdsourced Databases (feeds.feedburner.com)